Fitness & Yoga

For those interested in a more personalized yoga or fitness experience, we offer private classes with our staff of deeply knowledgeable Therapist/Trainers. Classes are designed to help you reach your health and wellness goals through therapeutic movements to build stability, mobility and strength. Whether its deepening your yoga practice, trying to begin one, recovering from injury, or improving athletic performance; personalized guidance and training is a proven method to achieve health, wellness and life stlye goals.

Personalized YOGA 

Our yoga classes will be crafted to help you safely learn the movements and poses that will help your body to recover form injury, to reach new goals with your practice. The teacher will regularly assist to give you a deeper understanding of the muscles involved in each pose and how to use them.

60 min $100

Fitness Training and education

Our fitness training is more of a lesson in understanding your body and how to exercise safely, then a traditional personal training session. You will be taken through a series of exercises, then be given a custom tailored workout plan for the month with a full detailed description of each exercise, repetitions and weights or equipment needed.

60 min $100

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