When my Wife and I established Green Street Massage, we did so with the goal of creating a place in Jamaica Plain where we could bring passion for yoga and fitness along with our skills as massage therapists to the community, so others could enjoy the heath benefits these practices have brought into our lives.

Both Lily and I, grew up living active lifestyles, that included years of formal martial arts training, competitive sports, and performance dance. We have formally studied a number of bodywork modalities, yoga disciplines, strength and conditioning, Reiki, and hold Doctorates in Divinity.  Informally, through self guided study and apprenticeships, we continue to study herbal medicine, pathology, nutrition, spirituality, meditation, and alternative healing to try and gain a holistic perspective on the body, movement, and healing.

Rather then use one type of massage or another when treating our clients, we apply a more holistic approach where we look at your health history, normal activities, and posture to get a better understanding of your body and how you move. We then draw on our backgrounds of training to devise a course of bodywork that will be most effective at improving muscle health, flexibility, and posture.

We have found that massage, especially in combination with flexibility and strength training, can help improve not only muscular health but overall health and wellness. Benefits include greater body awareness, decreased stress, improved balance and pain relief. It is with these goals that we began in our one room massage studio and now offer in our new expanded space including a room for yoga and fitness training.

Please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions you might have, we look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher and Lily Brenneck