As massage therapists, we often view the body through a lens of muscular health. The general philosophy being that if we have healthy muscles, the bones will all line up correctly, so our joints will be healthy and the body will be pain free. To understand muscle health we look at posture, movement, sensations (like pain, tingling or numbness), and the feeling of the muscle tissue. Using this perspective and our experience we will devise a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals
for the massage.

A Lily Brenneck MASSAGE

A Session with Owner/Therapist Lily Brenneck. Our most experienced therapist, Lily's massage technique has evolved to combine her diverse training backgrounds in Deep Tissue Massage, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Yoga Therapy, and Metaphysics. Her unique experience, perception and intuition skills allow her to tailor each treatment specifically for the client to help reach treatment goals.

30min - $65    60min - $125     90min - $185



A session with one out highly trained staff therapists. All Green Street therapists are trained in Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish Relaxation, Myofacial Release, and Orthopedic massage. 



30min - $55    60min - $100     90min - $145


Cranial Sacral MASSAGE

Cranial Sacral Massage is a soothing, non-invasive, hands on therapy focusing on treating the entire body,mind and spirit by addressing the bones of the skull, spinal cord, and sacrum. Sessions are often times deeply relaxing, similar to a state achieved by mediation or deep breathing exercises.




60min - $125     90min - $185


The body undergoes many natural anatomical changes during pregnancy, and massage can help make this process more comfortable. Prenatal massage improves circulation, relieves back pain and reduces swelling in the body. Prenatal massage uses a combination of deep and relaxing techniques to ease muscular tension then relax the body and mind to place of rest and release. Our massage tables are adjustable to make your session as relaxing as possible and include a removable middle so you can enjoy your session laying face down.

30min - $55    60min - $100     90min - $145




Reiki is an energy healing technique that focuses on manipulating the human energy field known as Ch'i (also spelled Qi). Ch'i is an electromagnetic energy field emitted by living creatures, which has been studied most noticeably in Oriental Medicine. Prior to a Reiki session, you will discuss your goals for physical, emotional or spiritual healing with your therapist, then lie down in a comfortable position, while the therapist uses a series of either light touch or hands off movements to manipulate the flow of Ch'i through your body. Clients will often feel changes in temperature or tingling as the therapist moves over different parts of their body with a meditative trance, or dreamlike mental state during the session. Following a session clients often feel greater mental clarity and often insight gain insight into their session goals.


A deeply relaxing massage experience. Hot stone massage begins with heated stones being placed on your entire body blanketing you in warmth to melt tension away. This is then followed by a deeply relaxing massage the areas preheated by the stones. This total body treatment is by far the most relaxing thing you can do during a snow storm. (Or just to treat yourself) 

60min - $125     90min - $185



Massage Pricing

Lily Brenneck                                                                         Staff Therapists                                                          Staff Massage Packages

30min - $65                                                                              30min - $55                                                                       60 min Sessions

60min - $125                                                                             60min - $100                                                                4 - $360 & 10 - $850

90min - $185                                                                             90min - $145                                                                     90 min Sessions

120min - $240                                                                           120min - $190                                                                4 - $522 & 10 - $1232 


     New Therapist Special - $25 discount off Staff rates for 60 & 90 min Appointments with our Newest staff member, Sonia on Sunday and Monday.  This month only. 


Cancellation Policy : We require 24 hours notice for all cancellations or time changes, the full price of the treatment book will be charged for No Shows or Late Notice Rescheduling.