Amount of Sessions       Price
1 $85
4 $306
10 $722

Unlike modern Western medicine, which focuses on the health of particular organs, acupuncture is based on Eastern medical traditions that treat the body as a complete system, wherein the interaction between the organs is as important as each individual organ. When the organs are functioning properly they produce energy that both nourishes the body and circulates throughout it. This energy travels in pathways along the limbs, trunk, and back. These pathways can become blocked due to trauma, physical or emotional, as well as organ dysfunction.  Just as the healthy function of the organs fill the pathways, free flow in these pathways heals the organs. Acupuncture takes advantage of this bidirectional relationship, and uses needles to activate key points in the body, change the flow in the pathways, and achieve the desired health outcome.

Acupuncture is best known for treating pain. However, it can be used just as effectively for digestive problems, sleep issues, fertility, fatigue, stress, and even preventing and curing illness. Allergies, numbness, and tremors are also commonly treated.