Licensed Massage and Yoga Therapist

With over a decade of experience working withclients from the geriatric to professional athletes, Lily has become one of Boston's most popular and successful massage therapists. Having trained as Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and Interfaith minister; Lily brings an integrated skill set to the massage table to help each client achieve health and wellness. Lily is also available for one on one spiritual counseling and guidance.


Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Trainer

Chris left a career in environmental engineering to pursue his passion and study of the body and movement. Bringing an athletic background in Basketball, Martial Arts, Running and Weight Lifting along with a continuing study of Meditation, Yoga, and Divinity; Chris uses his understanding of functional anatomy, body chemistry, and mindfulness in treating clients on the massage table and in the training room.


Deborah McMahon

Licensed Massage Therapist

Deborah, a graduate of Cortiva Institute, decided to switch careers to pursue a life long interest in massage therapy in 2015. She brings her passion for life, fitness and adventure into her practice; assisting her clients in overcoming injury, dealing with recurring pain, and correcting postural issues.


Melanie Peterson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Melanie enjoys helping people find relief from pain and stress through knowledgeable and attentive touch. She is skilled in Craniosacral, Cupping, Prenatal, Sports, Swedish and Deep Tissue.
Believing self-care is important for clients to stay on their path to wellness between appointments, she offers plenty of additional tools and resources. Her experience in bodywork reaches a wide array of people from athletes, office workers and manual laborers to those with Parkinsons, MS, and hospice patients.




Licensed Massage Therapist

A graduate from the Cortiva Institute where she acquired a variety of skills in Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal, and Relaxation. Certified in Orthopedic Massage she specializes in injury treatment and chronic pain symptoms. Megan develops her treatment plans specific to each one of her clients using her knowledge and understanding of the human body.


sonia santvoord

Licensed Massage Therapist

A graduate of the Massage School, Sonia has trained in multiple massage techniques including Shiatsu and Thai Yoga. She also brings a background as a Hatha/Restorative yoga teacher and performing dancer to her practice. Sonia blends this training, her knowledge of anatomy and movement, and energetic intuition to treat each client with her most sincere quality of care.




Licensed Acupuncturist

David is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a Masters degree from the New England School of Acupuncture.He was first exposed to Chinese medicine in 1999, and was profoundly impressed. He became a regular patient, and soon thereafter, began to study Qigong, a Chinese form of movement and meditation classically practiced to cultivate healing energy. David has a BA in East Asian Studies from Brown University and an MBA from Babson College. An avid martial artist, he is a Professor of Capoeira Angola with 13 years of experience. He has studied traditional medicine in West Africa and meditative traditions from around the world.

David’s acupuncture practice is built on the insight developed over years of physical and mental training, first hand experience with healing, an affinity for ancient texts, and the practicality that comes from his business education.


Licensed Acupuncturist

Melanie is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a Masters degree from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest school of Oriental Medicine in the United States. Melanie was drawn to the study of Chinese Medicine by Qigong, a Chinese movement and energetic practice. She has studied and practiced Zhineng Qigongfor over 10 years and recently spent a year in Taiwan deepening her practice under the guidance of her Qigong teacher and aunt, Teresa Lin.

Melanie has a B.A. in both Psychology and Dance (Choreography & Performance) from Wesleyan University. She has taught dance improvisation to adults and children (Shire Village Camp). She believes daily intentional movement brings health and levity and is committed to sharing movement with all around her. She brings the deep knowledge gained from her family’s practice of Qigong and her love of movement to her acupuncture treatments.